Super Duper Data Tracker Pro is the big brother of the Super Duper Data Tracker (SDDT).  Where the regular SDDT went for simplicity, the SDDT Pro went for functionality.  The Super Duper Data Tracker Pro (version 1.1.4) was last updated January 11, 2016.  It will take up 13.3 MB and requires iOS 8.4 or later.  It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

his is part 1 of a 3-part series looking at and comparing 3 different data collection apps.  In the interest of disclosure, I am not receiving any compensation from these companies for the reviews.  I reached out to the maker of the Super Duper Data Tracker and the Super Duper Data Tracker Pro and the maker of IEPPal.  In both instances, each company provided me with the technical information for their apps.

Who Wants Speech Forever?

Lifers are different. They are the students that the SLP is not offering a skilled service to. In the school system, a student must meet a few predetermined levels, one being an adverse affect on their grades and that direct services from an SLP would be significantly different than the teaching in the classroom. 

Caseload or Workload, That is the Question....

Given the ever expanding role of the SLP in the district, there needs to be a solid push to move to the workload model. The push must come from families of students and the professionals themselves. SLPs are expected to serve a widening population. We must do this and provide the students with the amount of therapy that is to be determined by their need, not by the amount of students on the caseload.

Voucher Program: Positive or Negative for Special Ed?

Typically they were reserved for low-income students or students with disabilities.  The voucher or scholarship is good for what the state would have paid for the student to attend his or her home district.  If the state gives your district $7,000 per year then you would get the $7,000 to use for education at a location of your choice.