About Speech Science

SpeechScience is a print, video, and podcast content producer founded by a group of Speech-Language Pathologists dissatisfied with the pervasive quantity of misinformation across multiple cultures and communities regarding communication disorders, pervasive developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and others. With more than 100,000 monthly listeners across our three podcasts and well more than 100,000 monthly readers of our blogs, SpeechScience impacts nearly half of the world's specialists in communication disorders.

Mission: To improve standards of care by providing Speech-Language Pathologists, related health professionals, families, and other stakeholders with evidence-based and accessible education and resources as well as inspiration and support.

Vision: To become the world’s leading non-academic resource in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, and in doing so to reduce inequality in both knowledge and service by providing quality education.

Meet The Team

We're always looking for great writers, interviewers, and other talented people to help out!
If you'd like to contribute please email a statement of interest, a writing sample and/or portfolio to contact@speechscience.org.