Free Child-Focused Art for Curriculum

Years ago, I (Lucas Steuber) and some friends had the idea of making articulation and language materials that were kid-focused rather than prescriptive in their imagery and vocabulary. I went around and asked a whole bunch of elementary and middle school students what the "coolest things in the world" were, and got everything from dinosaurs to robot cats to bugs (and, yes, zombies - and zombie cats).

We never got around to making cards or an app about it, so I recently released them to OpenSymbols as Creative Commons - Attribution Only (CC-BY-NC), meaning they can be used however you want provided that you provide attribution to SpeechScience, LanguageCraft, or Lucas Steuber, and do not benefit from them financially (although if you do want a financial license, contact us). Behold, below, the beautiful images - such as they are - and you can download the full set in .ai format here or in .png format here. Note that the images below - and those in .png format - are not separated by theme, but the .ai documents are.

Let us know if you use any of this art!

We'd love to see what you come up with - and feature it here!