Episode 40:

Episode 40:

Episode 40: Adult Articulation and Intelligibility, Homeopathic Medication, Summer Plans for Students with Autism, and IEPs Gone Wrong

This week’s episode Lucas pops in to let everyone know what is happening over at Talking with Tech.  Michael and Michelle wrap up their clinical work and Matt continues in the schools for two more weeks. 

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Episode 34: Jake Greenspan

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The ASHA Article on Medicare Caps https://www.asha.org/News/2018/Congre...

Autism and Science? https://www.kfdi.com/news/national/mi...

Link the RNA http://indianexpress.com/article/life...

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Episode 33

Episode 33

This week on Speech Science, the crew return following the winter break.  Matt's voice is almost gone, but Luke, Theresa, and special Guest Erik Raj hold the show together.  

National trends show that Autism diagnosis may not be on the rise.  How true is this data?  What are some national trends for therapy? The group uses their expertise to try and figure that out.  

Dementia affects everyone.  Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, is another celebrity that can shine a light on the disease.  What are some current therapy models available?  


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Episode 32: The Young Family

This week on Speech Science, the crew was once again live on Youtube and answering questions during the first half of the show.  Matt got hit by cow, Ivan presented on Speech Science, Dr. Sandiford recounts her TSA experience, and we learned Lucas has family ties to professional bull riding. 


The topics for discussion include a substitute teacher claims a student is a terrorist and how do we prepare our students for the public perception they may perceive based on color, race, or religion. 


Lastly, the Young family sat down with Ivan this week to discuss their family and the role they have raising a student with autism. 

Episode 30: Dr. Billy T. Ogletree, ASHA Convention Responses, A Night of Too Many Stars, Autism on TV

Episode 30: Dr. Billy T. Ogletree, ASHA Convention Responses, A Night of Too Many Stars, Autism on TV

Episode 30, the crew attempt to go live on Facebook for the first time and it was a success.  The group is recovering from the ASHA Convention in Los Angeles.  The group also debates how many times do you see someone before you don’t have to say hello to them, sparked by people doing laps on the ASHA floor.  Matt continues to push to raise awareness this November for the Movember Foundation. 

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Episode 29: ASHA Convention C0-Chairs Mary Casper and Anita Vereb, Missed Therapy Time, Mandatory Reporting, and Autism in Comics.

Kevin English, in charge of the brand new Speech Science Store, joins the crew from out in San Francisco.  The group recounts their weeks as Ivan, Lucas, and Kevin prepare to go to ASHA while Matt prepares for the start of the High School Bowling season that the coaches for. 

What do you do when you cant see your students for therapy time?  In New York, 48,000 students missed part or all of their targeted therapy time.  Do we give too much or not enough therapy time to the students?  When you do you discharge a student from your caseload?

What does being a mandatory reporter mean?  In Michigan, a teacher has been charged with taping a student’s mouth shut while other kids are having their arms handcuffed together.  What causes you to report abuse?

Ivan had the chance to sit down with Mary Casper - ASHA 2017 Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology and Anita Vereb, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology.  What does it take to be a Co-Chair?  How long will you plan for a convention?  Ivan’s got all of the answers. 

Lastly, representation in comics is important.  From persons of color to different sexuality, comic books are finding ways to diversify their audiences and the heroes on the page.  Focus, the super hero with autism, comes to represent an underrepresented audience. 


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Episode 28: Kristie Knickerbocker, Discharge of the Voice Patient, Maintenance of good Voice, Voice Acting, and Augmented Reality, and Teal Pumpkins on Halloween.

Rachel Madel, Talking with Tech Co-Host, sits down and brings her wisdom to the group.  Matt saw the Shinning for the first time ever, Ivan, Lucas, and Rachel discuss their favorite Halloween Movies. 

How well do you know the voices of your favorite movies, tv shows, and video games?  The crew discusses the risks of using your voice as your job.  Also what risks exist for these actors when something goes wrong?

How does things such as augmented reality and virtual reality develop language?  Virtual reality and augmented reality can create a safe space to practice language skills. 

Kristie Knickerbocker from A TEMPO Voice Center sits down for her Return of the Jedi of Voice Podcasts in part 3 discussing the discharge and maintenance of a good voice.    This week, Kristie gives information on how to protect the vocal folds during Halloween and what causes the Halloween workers to lose their voice.  Kristie answers questions about how long should you keep a patient? (Hint, your 12-18 visits is way too long)  What are some good carry over exercises?  Can we bill and keep a patient for maintenance?

Special Thanks to Taco Truck and FreddyKruegerFiles on Instagram for allowing us to use the SlashStreet Boys new song “Slashing Bodies on this Halloween Episode. 


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Episode 27: Kristie Knickerbocker, Treatment of Voice

Michael McLeod sits down in the fourth chair to verbally joust with Matt and Lucas while Ivan was out on assignment.  Kristie Knickerbocker returns for the sequel to her well received Evaluation of Voice with Treatment of Voice.
Bill Gates recently has donated 1.7 billion dollars to help fund new and innovative ways to teach in the classroom.  However, should public education rely on personal donations and contributions to fill the gap?  Are there better ways to balance public and private financing of education?

President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy Devos on Friday October 20th rescinded 72 documents related to special education.  Lucas disagrees with the department’s excuse which was that the articles were out of date.  What will the impact be on students and those that work with them?

Kristie Knickerbocker from A TEMPO Voice Center sits down for part 2 of her trifecta on voice.  This week the treatment of voice disorders in and out of the clinic.  Kristie speaks about the essential tools to carry in your voice treatment kit and how to use them.  The importance of objective data and requesting for appropriate referrals and how it impacts therapy is discussed.  Also, how long should you see a patient? 4, 8, 24 sessions?  Kristie explains her theory and motto behind this.  

Emily Cohen brings another Playing with Purpose to the crew, this time centered around Bath Time.  What are you doing in the bath to promote language? Emily breaks it down for everyone.  

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Episode 25: Vanessa Rentschler, Audiology and ASHA’s CCC vs the AAA, Hearing Aid Distribution, FM systems, Tracking Software for Students, and AOL Makes AAC Normal

Ivan and Matt fly doubles this week.  Ivan continues to make a difference at the preschool in which he works while Matt recovers from a week of therapy by recounting Blade Runner 2049.

The dynamic duo discuss the application of student tracking devices.  The devices can be worn around the wrist, on the shoe, or around the neck.  They are supposed to help families incase a loved one wanders away.  Are there other opportunities that they can be used?

AOL Instant Messenger leaves this mortal plane on December 15.  Over the years, AIM taught the world to text, use emojis, type in short hand, and post cryptic yet truthful away messages.  AIM also gave a voice to the voiceless.  The students or adults who were too afraid or unable to speak naturally found their voices online.  AIM in a way was another form of AAC.  What sort of lasting effects does AIM leave for the future of tech devices for students and adults using AAC?

Vanessa Rentschleder sat down with Lucas to discuss all of the finer points of Audiology.  Discussions of ear cleaning to ear injuries and everything in between.  Vanessa also speaks about why she is a card carrier of both ASHA CCCs and the AAA.  Hearing aid distributers and FM systems and the proper place and purpose are also discussed.  
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Episode 24: Multicultural Affairs. Minority Student Leadership Program, Student to Empowered Professional (STEP) program, the Mandela Effect, & cognitive dissonance regarding research

Theresa Richard, from Swallow Your Pride, joins the guys for a round table discussion.  It’s been two weeks since the group sat down together.  Lucas has more car mishaps, Matt worked a comic book convention, Ivan attended his first ever hockey game, and Theresa does her best to keep the group on topic. 



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Episode 23: AAC After Work


This week, Lucas high-jacks the podcast to feature three of the many presentations from AAC After Work.  YappGuru’s Mai Ling Chan worked with Lucas Steuber and Caroline Musselwhite to help produce a wonderful CEU event. 

The 3 we have picked out for you this week are as follows: demos of aided language stimulation, a tongue in check exploration of the definition of AAC along with historical background and practical application, and a moving lecture on the truth that nonverbal does not mean nonintelligent.  Full intermission videos can be found on the Speech Science Roku Channel. 


Lastly, Playing With a Purpose focuses on the simple task yet language complex toy, bubbles.  Emily Cohen brilliantly discusses ways to continue to build language using only bubbles. 

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Episode 21: Bob Cunningham, Vice President, Products and Development, Tobii

The group recounts their weeks as Matt met Superbubz the first grade who graduated high school, Lucas has made it through the week without wrecking another car, and Ivan continues to do good work in the preschools.  For this week’s topics, the falling sales of Legos as compared to the rise of tablets and the inclusion of eye gaze software into all situations. 


Legos have suffered from the rise of touch screens but they are not going away.  Legos in the therapy room can be a very highly effective tool in working with students with Autism and all students. 


As large tech companies purchase eye gaze software, the opportunities to use them continues to rise.  Lucas offers his take on the use of eye gaze software being able to be used on tablets and home computers. 


This week is also the return for week 3 of Playing With Purpose.  Emily Cohen discusses the importance of outside play for the growth of language and how to use it appropriately including building an out 


Sitting down with Lucas Steuber is Bob Cunningham.  Bob talks about his history with AAC and how he became associated with Tobii.  Bob also describes the future of AAC and Eye Gaze.   When a competitor releases a new product, Bob discusses the response within Tobii.


Lastly, Speech Science supports ASHA’s call to arms to continue funding for early hearing detection in NICUs and deliveries. 

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