Episode 4: ASHA Election Special

This week the Speech Science crew spoke with 2 of the three candidates for Vice President of Speech-Language Pathology Practice, Craig Coleman and Gregory Lof (Marie Ireland was unable to be scheduled at this time). The Speech Science crew also discussed the current issue of over the counter hearing aides, what babies hear in the womb, and if you should you use cotton swabs in your ears (you shouldn't).

Episode 3: Aziz Khalaf Almayahe

This week, the Ivan, Lucas (live from an art show), Chandru, and Matt discuss screen time for children and tantrums in children with autism.  Lucas had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Aziz Khalaf Almayahe, a language researcher in Iraq.  

The 4 hosts come together to discuss SpeechScience.org . One fundamental question for therapists is how to ensure generalization. How do we make sure our patients use the skills they learn in the therapy room when they leave the clinic and enter the outside world? Edward Taub and Gitendra Uswatte speak with us about a new assessment that measures the generalization of spoken language in people with aphasia.

Mike Skiados, CAE, is Director, Membership., for the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and a powerful advocate for the growth of the field. In this inaugural episode of our podcast, he was kind enough to speak at length about his role, the organization's plans for promoting diversity, and overall strategic initiatives for the coming year. Thanks a lot to mike for his time - and we can't with to see what's coming from the organization in the coming years!