Episode 18: Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win a year subscription from IEPpal at www.speechscience.org/giveaway. Up for discussion this week are news articles about new ways to identify autism in females and over the counter hearing aids.  Sitting down for an interview this week, is Donna Edwards.  Edwards is a former OSLHA president, current professor at Baldwin-Wallace University, and she also sits on the ASHA Government Relations and Public Policy Board.  She speaks about the importance of feeding and dysphagia therapy both in clinical settings and in the school position.  She also speaks about the personal side of being on the other end of therapy and career changes within the scope of speech and language pathology. 

Episode 17: Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win a year subscription from IEPpal at www.speechscience.org/giveaway.  For discussion this week, the crew discuss a new study about the link of music to autism and the largest study on autism.  Students in Oklahoma have speech therapy put on hold due to funding difficulties and a program to help identify differences versus disorders in English Language Learners.  This week Ivan sat down with Kelly Ibañez, MS CCC-SLP, a bilingual speech language pathologist serving culturally and linguistically diverse individuals in Los Angeles, CA. Her clinical interests are bilingual language acquisition and public outreach. She creates and disseminates resources related to bilingual language acquisition on her website, The HOLA Blog (www.theholablog.com).

Episode 16: On the podcast, Speech Science has its first guest host Theresa Richard.  Theresa Richard jumps into the rotating chair and comes with some high credentials as the host of the newest podcast to join the Speech Science Network, Swallow Your Pride and www.mobiledysphagiadiagnostics.com.  The group talks about Jeanie Gaffigan’s modified anniversary meal plans, dysphagia in the schools, and a Dutch dementia village.  Dr. Meredith Harold, PhD-SLP, from the Informed SLP (http://www.theinformedslp.com) joined the Speech Science crew to discuss the importance of evidence based research to drive therapy.  

On Episode 14, the crew discuss Matt’s trip to the Brickyard 400, Luke is live from an iceberg, John McCain’s brain cancer scare, and why Dads should read bed time stories. Susan Berkowitz joins the crew this week to break down the latest and greatest in the field of AAC.

Episode 13: The Speech Science crew dispels 10 speech and language myths, discuss the shaping of pureed foods, and descant on the genetic components of pragmatic language skills.  Joining the group on episode 13, is Keith Wolgemuth.  Wolgemuth is a rehabilitative-audiologist who's the director of the SLPD program at Loma Linda University.  Wolgemuth talks about how he bridges the worlds of audiology and speech language pathology. 

On this week’s episode, the crew discuss a segregated school for students with disabilities, using drones to track children and adults with cognitive deficits, and actors with disabilities.  Dr. Maria Muñoz joins the show to discuss bilingual aphasia and treatment, evidence based practice, and coordinating ASHA SIG 14. 

This week on Speech Science, the crew discuss voice rest after Adele and Mayim Bialik are shut down due to vocal stress and the crew discuss therapy in Latino families.  Also this week, Speech Science had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Heidi LoStracco founder of Speak for Yourself.

The Speech Science Podcast has made it to episode number 10.  On this week’s episode, the guys talk about the appropriation of special education funds and the push for men in the field.  Also the crew is joined by Janice Wright, Ohio University Supervisor.  Janice discusses Ohio University’s SLP graduate student trip to Botswana, her time in the field, and how to prevent lifers in the speech therapy realm.   

On this week’s episode of Speech Science, the crew discuss the Nest Classroom Trend and ways to help children with Autism Succeed in the classroom.  The crew become heated when talking about the lack of scientific proof behind Facilitated Communication and RPM.  Then ASHA Vice President for Planning, Perry Flynn, sat down to speak with Speech Science.  Perry talks about the future for ASHA and the road thus far. 

This week on Speech Science Podcast Episode 8, the Speech Science Crew had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Kottke.  Kottke was an early employee at Apple.  Kottke speaks briefly about his time at Apple, his relationship with Steve Jobs, and the future of technology.  The Speech Science crew discuss dementia detection, speech therapy for screen addiction, and social anxiety in students with Autism.  

This week on Speech Science the topic of paying interns/externs while they are in grad school.  Part 2 of the Ayesha Butt interview, a leader in the SLP field in Pakistan.  Lastly a way to fight burn out in the field.  

This week, Matt and Lucas discuss the gender language of fathers, an SLP in Winnipeg working with accent modification, and the importance of advocacy in the field. The interview this week is with Ayesha Butt, a pioneer in the field in Pakistan. She speaks about creating the masters program, the need for more help, and the troubles of setting up a program in her country.

This week, the Speech Science crew discuss fidget spinners in the classroom, working collaboratively with other services, and the ASHA initiative for the Steve Gleason Act. This week's interview is with The Sleeper Hit podcast host, writer, producer, and roller derby athlete Meryl Williams. Williams discusses her hearing loss and the effects it had on her career.

This week the Speech Science crew spoke with 2 of the three candidates for Vice President of Speech-Language Pathology Practice, Craig Coleman and Gregory Lof (Marie Ireland was unable to be scheduled at this time). The Speech Science crew also discussed the current issue of over the counter hearing aides, what babies hear in the womb, and if you should you use cotton swabs in your ears (you shouldn't).

This week, the Ivan, Lucas (live from an art show), Chandru, and Matt discuss screen time for children and tantrums in children with autism.  Lucas had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Aziz Khalaf Almayahe, a language researcher in Iraq.  

The 4 hosts come together to discuss SpeechScience.org . One fundamental question for therapists is how to ensure generalization. How do we make sure our patients use the skills they learn in the therapy room when they leave the clinic and enter the outside world? Edward Taub and Gitendra Uswatte speak with us about a new assessment that measures the generalization of spoken language in people with aphasia.

Mike Skiados, CAE, is Director, Membership., for the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and a powerful advocate for the growth of the field. In this inaugural episode of our podcast, he was kind enough to speak at length about his role, the organization's plans for promoting diversity, and overall strategic initiatives for the coming year. Thanks a lot to mike for his time - and we can't with to see what's coming from the organization in the coming years!