Episode 26: Kristie Knickerbocker, Evaluation of Voice Disorders, Videostroboscopy, Strokes Linked to Coffee, and Language Differences in Boys and Girls

On this week’s episode, Matt, Lucas, and Ivan tackle pop culture in Speech Science and Kristie Knickerbocker sat down to discuss voice evaluations. 

Circulating Facebook has been the story of a man who drank nothing but energy drinks and ended up having a brain hemorrhage and an accident that left him with a missing part of his skull.  The crew discuss if this is even possible and the effects coffee has on your possibilities of a stroke.  Surprisingly there is a certain time after drinking coffee you are more likely to have a stroke. 

In the news, the Boy Scouts of America have decided that girls will be allowed into the troops.  This brings to the group a slew of questions about the perceived language acquisition differences in boys and girls.  Do they really exist?  What about articulation norms for boys versus girls?

Kristie Knickerbocker, of A Tempo Voice Center, sat down to educate Matt on the wide world of voice therapy.  Kristie speaks on how to avoid surgery and the importance of Videostroboscopy when it comes to identifying voice issues.  Kristie speaks about the proper way to conduct an evaluation and what tools a therapist should have in his or her tool box.  She also breaks down the difference between Polyps, Nodules, and Cysts.

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