Episode 24: Multicultural Affairs. Minority Student Leadership Program, Student to Empowered Professional (STEP) program, the Mandela Effect, & cognitive dissonance regarding research

Theresa Richard, from Swallow Your Pride, joins the guys for a round table discussion.  It’s been two weeks since the group sat down together.  Lucas has more car mishaps, Matt worked a comic book convention, Ivan attended his first ever hockey game, and Theresa does her best to keep the group on topic. 

The group dives into the Mandela Effect and its impact on false memories.  The Mandela Effect is the realization that things are not how you always remember (Does Curious George have a tail?).  Does false memories or beliefs impact the way we treat our patients or students?  Does the echo chamber change the way we trust ourselves or what we think is evidence?

A man in England swallowed a toy traffic cone 40 years ago.  He remembers eating some of his toys as a child.  Doctors believed he had lung cancer.  Instead they found the toy in his lungs.  He has Tracheal-Bronchial-Foreign Body-Aspiration.  How does aspiration look and what risk is in our therapy bags?  Theresa identifies the proper minimum size for toys to be used with children that have a history of eating non-food items. 

Vicki Deal-Williams, MA, CCC-SLP, CAE, Chief Staff Officer for Multicultural Affairs at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association sat down with Ivan to discuss her role as ASHA’s Chief Staff Officer for Multicultural Affairs. Vicki speaks about her objectives to increase member’s cultural competence and increase diversity.  She also speaks about the challenges minority students face in our field.