Episode 30: Dr. Billy T. Ogletree, ASHA Convention Responses, A Night of Too Many Stars, Autism on TV

Episode 30, the crew attempt to go live on Facebook for the first time and it was a success.  The group is recovering from the ASHA Convention in Los Angeles.  The group also debates how many times do you see someone before you don’t have to say hello to them, sparked by people doing laps on the ASHA floor.  Matt continues to push to raise awareness this November for the Movember Foundation. 


Over the weekend, HBO hosted an event called A Night of Too Many Stars to bring awareness and funding for Autism.  During the event, Carly Fleischmann (the first non-verbal interviewer), John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert helped headline the event. 

Students and adults with Autism are being portrayed in television and movies.  The group discusses what the impact of showing students with disabilities in media, both positive and potential negatives. 

Lastly, Dr. Billy T. Ogletree sat down to discuss Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP) and patients/students with Severe Disabilities. 


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