Episode 31: Dr. Givona Sandiford, Melodic Based Communication Therapy, Dementia and Aspiration

Theresa Richard, host of Swallow Your Pride, sat down to keep Ivan, Lucas, and Matt in line while episode 31 went live on Facebook.  The group battles off their Thanksgiving food hangovers.

Malcom Young, Glen Campbell, and David Cassidy have all passed away and were diagnosed with dementia.  What happens in the body that causes death from dementia?  Why do patients with dementia have difficulty with swallowing?  Theresa Richard states how PEG tubes are not the answer.  With celebrities being diagnosed, what does that hold for the future of dementia research?

Jesse Jackson recently came out to state he has Parkinson’s.  How does dysphagia therapy in Parkinson’s differ from the techniques used in therapy?  How can celebrities emulate the research funding Michael J Fox has done?  How soon should a patient seek therapy to help with Parkinson’s or dementia?

Lastly, what is Melodic Based Communication Theory? Its creator, Dr. Givona Sandiford, returns to the podcast to discuss its evidence, history, and the impact it may serve in the communication field. 

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