Episode 51: NICU Feeding, Texas Special Education Problems, and Dementia Training

Episode 51: NICU Feeding, Texas Special Education Problems, and Dementia Training


Episode 51, the episode of birthdays.  Matt had a birthday party for a two year and things were going great till the balloons popped.  Michelle didn’t have any popped balloons on her birthday this week and Michael was upset over his Giants losing.  On this week, the crew look at the communication intent of children in the NICU and how to help families feed their newborns.  Everything is bigger in Texas, including Special Education violations.  Also, how do we train families to understand what their loved ones with dementia are going through?  Lastly, we meet a candidate for Superintendent who is also an SLP.  Also hit us up with #speechscienceLife and tell us about your daily therapy. 


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