Episode 37: IEP Goal Writing, Boy Scouts, Girls With Autism

Michelle is safely back on the ground and joins the crew for this weeks discussions, live from the Buckeye state.  Matt recaps his week of therapy and coaching T-Ball, while Michael and Luke continue to bring their knowledge from their private practices.   


Are girls under-diagnosed with autism?  An article from the ASHA Leader states that may be true.  Michael, Michelle, and Lucas talk about therapy in a private practice segment while Matt looks at it from the Schools. 



A young man with Down Syndrome in Utah was denied his Eagle Scout.  Are we doing the right thing by making modifications for our students?  How do we ensure that the modifications fit in the guidelines of the organizations or legally. 



Are your IEP goals good?  Can you write a SMART goal?  The Supreme Court lays down some new rulings on making better goals. 


Students with Disabilities told to stay home since there are not enough subs. 



Britain’s Got Talent comedian using AAC.





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