Episode 40:

Episode 40: Adult Articulation and Intelligibility, Homeopathic Medication, Summer Plans for Students with Autism, and IEPs Gone Wrong

This week’s episode Lucas pops in to let everyone know what is happening over at Talking with Tech.  Michael and Michelle wrap up their clinical work and Matt continues in the schools for two more weeks. 


Working with articulation in adult patients can be difficult.  A new study may shed some light that it’s the range of motion that may be affecting intelligibility. 



A rise in homeopathic medications are gaining popularity.  Is there one that works for students with autism?



Summer can be a rough time on routine.  A simple routine can save your summer and make it easier on your child with autism.



Going on a plane trip can be frightening for adults or children.  One airport allows children and adults with autism to walk through the process in a save and friendly environment before doing it for real.



IEP meetings can have life long affects on a student’s education.  What if the IEP isn’t being followed?




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