Episode 62: What has ASHA Done for You Lately, Toys: Talkies or Not, Rappers with the Largest Vocabulary, and Housing

Matt, Michelle, and Michael bring in episode 62 with a look back on the week as Matt looks at 30+ ETRs, Michael continues his research, and Michelle works on the new state licensure.  The top 10 threats to healthcare this year includes Anti-Vaxers.  What impact will this have on therapy?  At the age of 22 students can no longer enroll in school and must seek outside therapy.  What happens if their caregivers pass, where do they live?  It is super tough being a parent.  Sometimes its nice to just have a few minutes of quiet time.  What toys are your kids (or students) playing with?  Is it stunting language growth?  Lastly, how do we incorporate pop music and therapy?


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Top 10 Global Health Threats of 2019



Vaccines Cause Adults



Housing for Adults with Disabilities





Toys for the Kids










How Big is His Vocabulary?






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