On a recent episode of Shark Tank, Jackson Mann asked for funding for the high-fidelity ear plugs, Vibes.  Hearing loss can happen due to overexposure of loud sounds over an extended period of time.  Hearing protection  is important when mowing the grass, going to a car race, or standing at your favorite concert.  Typical hearing plugs will dampen the sound waves hitting your ear drum.  Vibes claims that their High Fidelity Ear Plugs are made for the concert goer.  Ear Plugs that will allow you to safely stay for the concert but protect your hearing from unsafe levels of sound.    Vibes retails for $23.99 and you will receive 3 interchangeable ear buds in “small, medium, and large” sizes to improve fitting and a hard plastic case to carry them in.  Vibes has also partnered with Hear the World Foundation where each purchase of vibes helps fund projects to provide hearing aides, funding, and education to those in need around the world. 

I was really excited this past school year when I was introduced to the Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Assessment (BAPA) app and had the opportunity to administer it to bilingual Spanish and English speakers. The BAPA was developed by a team of bilingual speech language pathologists that includes Barbara Fernandes, Ellen Kester, Mary Buaman, and Scott Prath, and published by Smarty Ears. It is administered individually to determine articulation and phonology skills of monolingual and bilingual speakers of Spanish and English and was standardized on children ages 3:0 to 10:11 from the Central Texas area. There are three sets of standardized scores provided: English only, bilingual English, and Spanish/bilinguals in Spanish. The review is based only on my experiences, and a copy of the BAPA app was provided by Smarty Ears.

Today, we look at DIGit Tape by Birdie.  DIGit Tape is the brain child of Samantha Senack, a 20 year fashion design veteran turned inventor.  Per Samantha, she came up with the idea of the DIGit tape because her daughter was a chronic thumb-sucker.  She put her fashion design background to use and created the DIGit Tape.  DIGit tape is made in the United States of America and its owner claims it is free of harsh chemicals.  DIGit Tape is the only one able to print on the flexible, breathable, water resistant bandage. 

Data Tracking App Review Part 3 - IEPPAL

This application is the best I have used.  Between the trainings and the online videos, the set up of the caseload is manageable.  This can track data in anyway you want to, which makes it easy to use the data in report writing.  The only negative was the annual price.  Originally the software cost over 100 per year. Now at $29 dollars a year this is a steal.  The paying of an annual fee allows the developers to continue to put money into the system and provide training/support as needed.

Super Duper Data Tracker Pro is the big brother of the Super Duper Data Tracker (SDDT).  Where the regular SDDT went for simplicity, the SDDT Pro went for functionality.  The Super Duper Data Tracker Pro (version 1.1.4) was last updated January 11, 2016.  It will take up 13.3 MB and requires iOS 8.4 or later.  It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

his is part 1 of a 3-part series looking at and comparing 3 different data collection apps.  In the interest of disclosure, I am not receiving any compensation from these companies for the reviews.  I reached out to the maker of the Super Duper Data Tracker and the Super Duper Data Tracker Pro and the maker of IEPPal.  In both instances, each company provided me with the technical information for their apps.