SpeechScience Audio Bonus: Alex Dassise and Seiji's Bridge


Seiji's Bridge

The remarkable journey - and inventions - of a nineteen-year-old with a sibling on the Autism spectrum

Alex Dassise is a 19-year old business student in Oregon who has been shadowing Lucas a fair bit in his quest to better understand Autism and related disorders. His own brother is impacted, and he created the incredible DiscJam and Eli sensory/motor tools that really have to be seen to be believed. We'll have them up in our store soon, I hope (he's literally 3D printing and sewing himself right now), but for now check out seijisbridge.com and listen to our brief supplemental audio interview below - or, if you're attending USAAA, come see them there! His is a name you'll be hearing again, for sure.