Episode 22:Tatyana Elleseff, MA CCC-SLP - Assessment and Treatment of Literacy Disorders

This week the Speech Science crew celebrates Literacy Week in Europe by recalling their favorite books which includes Bible Stories, comic books, and Lord of the Rings.  The discussion for this week focuses on fake ASL interpreters and actors with disabilities.  In honor of Literacy Week, Tatyana Elleseff of Smartspeechtherapy.com/ rejoins the show to discuss assessment and treatment of literacy disorders. 


During Hurricane Irma, Manatee County in Florida looked for an ASL interpreter to warn citizens of the impending storm.  Manatee County was in a bind and looked to Marshall Greene, a life guard who has a deaf brother, to interpret at an important time.  Unfortunately, Greene was not trained as an interpreter and the message got lost.  Matt, Lucas, and Ivan discuss why there are not trained interpreters more rapidly available. 


In Hollywood, its common practice for able bodied actors to be cast in the role of someone with a disability.  However, Mickey Rowe, an actor with Autism, was recently cast in a Broadway play in the role of a character with Autism.  As Hollywood and the stage continue to push for a more mainstream and diverse cast, the roles of characters with disabilities should be filled with actors with disabilities.  The crew discuss this current trend.


Tatyana Elleseff, MA CCC-SLP, sits down with Ivan to discuss assessment and treatment of literacy disorders.  She discusses how literacy and language are intertwined, the role of the SLP, and the impact language has on all of it.