025 - The Medical SLP Solution - The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

In this episode, we discuss all the behind the scenes, the who, what, where, when, why, and how of this new endeavor, how it can benefit our profession, and most importantly our patients!

I am *SO* excited to announce my latest project that i’ve created just for all of you…

I have joined forces with Carrie over at the wildly successful Speech Therapy Solution to bring you...

The Medical SLP Solution.

Do you *WISH* you had time to sit around and google and look up research paper after research paper and just frustrated as heck because ALL you want to do is *HELP* your patient that is sitting in front of you RIGHT NOW?

Do you wish there was someone or someplace that would have tons of constantly evolving resources to all of the most common issues SLPs face in the medical setting?

Do you wish you could just log in to a chat board and ask a question and not feel judged or humiliated and actually be directed to the answer because there is no way on earth you will even come close to your productivity standard for today?

Do you wish you could have ALL aspects of medical SLP in one place? Not just limited to dysphagia or aphasia or voice or dysarthria, or how cardiac or neuro conditions play a role, but *ALL* areas of Medical SLP that you might find during my work day? Lord knows I paid super good attention in dysphagia, but now I have this dysarthria patient and waaaaah!!

Introducing the Medical SLP Solution.

I’ve created a 1-stop resource site for all medical SLPs complete with handouts, videos, a support forum, and ASHA CEUs!

Oh but I bet you think I’m doing this all myself… hahaha nope!

I’ve recruited several experts in the field to help me create all of these resources for you. I know dang well that I don’t know it all, but I do know who does!

And yes, ALL OF YOU get to pick which topics and resources are created!

When we are all on the same team, and we can all support one another, and support each other in evidence-based, best practice, then our profession wins, and ultimately our patients win. Isn’t that why we became SLPs in the first place?