Kevin Chaja: Using Augmented Reality to Teach Social Skills

In this episode Talking with Tech's Rachel Madel interviews Kevin Chaja of Color Black's Moment AR app to discuss brand new app that helps children with autism learn social skills. Also discussed: Clinical applications for augmented reality and the future of AR/VR in education.

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Name: Kevin Chaja
twitter: @el_chakka
instagram: @madcatprimus
facebook: @kevin.chaja
Merge VR Cube:
Developer: Chicken Waffle
App on iTunes:

Interview Show Notes (timestamps from beginning of interview):

  • 1:30 Explaining what Augmented Reality is

  • 4:00 Describing "Moment AR" app

  • 6:15 Different Modules for a variety of professionals

  • 9:00 Backstory behind the app development

  • 11:45 Potential for Augmented/Virtual reality in education

  • 13:25 Clinical applications for app

  • 16:00 How merge cube promotes engagement

  • 19:00 ASHA convention giveaways/Autism starter pack

  • 21:15 Future updates for app/next level social skills