Writer's Guidelines

We are always looking for good people to join us and write for our guest blog. SpeechScience.org seeks to be a comprehensive source of accessible, evidence-based information for clinicians, educators, parents, and anyone else with the need to learn more about communication sciences and disorders. 

We publish articles that are engaging and provide practical information to readers in order to advance their understanding about communication sciences and disorders.

Writing Tips

  • Write in the active voice

  • Give your article a short and attention grabbing title

  • Base your information on the latest research and evidence based practice

  • Be succinct and concise

  • Provide examples when necessary

  • Explain jargon/complex terms in everyday language

  • Avoid acronyms or abbreviations

  • Give the reader a take-away message

  • Use APA formatting with cited references at end of article

  • Include a picture/graphic (with permission) that is captivating and compliments your article 

  • Suggested article length of 500-2000 words

How To Submit

  • Email your article to submissions@speechscience.org along with:

    • 2 sentence summary of your article

    • Briefly summarize why this topic is of importance and interest to our readers

    • Briefly explain why you are qualified to address this topic

    • Short biographical sketch

    • Submit a signed author agreement and disclosure forms

Editorial Review

  • Your article will be reviewed by the editorial team

  • You will be notified if your article is accepted, rejected, or accepted with revision

We thank you for your article submission.