Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for good people to join us and write for our blogs! SpeechScience is known for its comprehensive coverage of accessible, evidence-based information for many different populations across multiple mediums - not just blogging, but of course audio and video too (if A/V is your interest, reach out to However, we get slightly more viewers of the blogs than we do listeners to the podcasts, so writing for us can be a great opportunity for professional visibility!

lucas, literally 95% of the time. You can sneak up on him really easily. threaten spiders, it works.

lucas, literally 95% of the time. You can sneak up on him really easily. threaten spiders, it works.

We publish articles that are engaging, that provide practical information, and that generally help our readers to advance both their knowledge of Communication Sciences and Disorders and their ability to apply effective intervention. Before sending an article, we suggest that you read a few articles on the site, and be forewarned that we have a strict editorial process; each submission is read by at least three editors and it is very uncommon that one is published without being returned for edits. That said, please do send in your writing - that difficulty is simply the burden of being ethical in our publication, not a discouragement! Brush up on your APA guidelines, read through the tips below, and find the button to submit at the bottom of the page.

A Few Writing Tips

  • Write in the active voice;

  • give your article a short, attention-grabbing title;

  • base your information on the latest research and evidence based practice, and cite that research;

  • provide clinical examples when possible;

  • explain complex terms in everyday language;

  • define acronyms and abbreviations when they are first used;

  • give the reader a take-away message (what's the point?);

  • use APA formatting with cited references at end of article (see link in the introduction above);

  • include at least one picture or graphic (with permission) that compliments your article, and

  • Keep your article length between 500 and 2000 words unless you have a real good reason otherwise. There is a place for long-form articles on our site, but not often.

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