Should You Repair Your Lancaster OH AC Unit?

Since many people tend to underestimate how much their air conditioners mean to them, they think a service call should cost less than it actually does because it seems like a short visit. In reality, the service call should be priced in a way to let the AC technician make a good living while still providing you with superior service.

The number one reason people attempt to repair their own AC is so they can save some money. This would only be worth it if the problem with your AC unit could be fixed quickly and easily, this is not usually the case. Most issues require at least an initial visit, meaning that attempting to fix your air conditioner will probably still end up costing you money because of service fees.

Trying to fix an air conditioner on your own without proper training and tools could not only end up costing you money, but it could also cause harm to you or your property. Many people choose to ignore less serious AC issues because they can’t afford professional service but waiting only increases the chances of a serious problem.

Most people who try and fix their own AC units don’t have any experience working on large appliances like this, and these types of repairs can be very difficult to do even if you have experience.

Should You Need To Hire An Expert Repair Technician?

Your technician will be able to provide you with a list of brands and models that they recommend before you buy your new AC.

Professional technicians also know how long various models last, which is information you’d do well to know before purchasing a unit for your home. Most high-end units come with warranties that average between 10 and 15 years while lower-quality units may only carry a one-year warranty.

By hiring an AC professional to help choose and install your new air conditioner, you can ensure that it will be the best fit for your home while also lasting years longer than less expensive models. As new technologies are developed, higher-end systems will last even longer than they do now.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

The heat of summer can turn a perfectly nice house into a sweltering oven. This is the time of year that most people will call an AC repair service to fix their broken air conditioning unit. However, there are some minor things you can try yourself before calling for help. Most appliances have an owner’s manual which contains easy-to-understand instructions on how to fix the appliance. If your owner’s manual isn’t available, you can find one online by simply typing your make and model number into a search engine and finding the manual online. You will save yourself time and money by trying these simple repairs first:

● Clean the condenser coils. This is an important job because if your coils are clogged it will prevent your unit from cooling your home. Clogged coils also pose a threat to the other parts of the unit because leaves, twigs, and dust can pierce the other parts.

● Make sure filters are clean. This isn’t only about energy efficiency; dirty air filters make it hard for air to circulate which means the air conditioner has to work harder. This will cause your unit to break down and can also damage your coils.

● Fix any broken or cracked doors and windows on the exterior of the house that will allow cold air out and hot air in.

● Add insulation to outside walls if they are not insulated already. This may sound like a big job, but it’s a good idea because insulated walls will keep the heat on the outside of your home.