The Mill Event Center In Lancaster OH

The Mill, a historic site in Lancaster Ohio, is being restored to hold events at the location. The renovations have been going on for just under a year and many changes have been made to continue this historic site’s progression into a future event center.

The first change that visitors notice upon arrival is the large wooden wall alongside the building. This wall, built by the youth of the community, is used for graffiti. It features all kinds of drawings and paintings that help bring life to this historic site.

The first change visitors will notice is the new paint on the building. The side of the building facing Columbus St, which was first painted purple with white lettering to match its sister building, has been recently repainted. The front of the building now features a rustic exterior that gives it a historic look and feel.

The new paint on the building is not the only thing that has been changed about its appearance. There are several lights on the front and sides of the building for nighttime visitors and passers-by to see. There are also signs on the side of the building that tell visitors about upcoming events at The Mill. This is to show how this historic site will continue to progress into a future event center.

What You Need To Know

The inside of the building has not undergone changes as vast as its outside appearance, but there have been some updates made to accommodate future events. While visiting The Mill, one will notice that the inside is still very much a construction zone. However, there are some new aspects to this historic site that patrons can see and take part in if they choose to visit The Mill.

There is now a stage for events such as concerts or plays. This stage replaces the old fire escape that was located on the side of the building. On the main floor, there is also a small bar located in one corner of the room. This is for people that want to come and watch events at The Mill and have a drink while they do it.

There are still many things left to make this historic site what it has been planned out to be: an event center. Over the next few months, there will be construction to update the stairs leading from the front entrance of The Mill. Also, there is a large parking lot behind this historic site that has been neglected over time. Currently, the grass is tall and only a few pieces of equipment are visible. Soon, though, one can expect to see this area cleared out to become a parking lot once more along with some landscaping.